Hence, although I had deliberated, should I start with Float, System 96 or Bullseye Glass (the main options for glass fusing), the fact that my kiln seller also had a bundle of glass to sell meant I would be starting out with Bullseye. It was a relief to have this decision made as I knew that different glasses DON’T mix (see Creative Glass Guild explanation). In order to prevent cracking and losing the integrity of your piece, the glasses being fused together must be tested as being ‘compatible’ (or it all gets very complicated to test this yourself) or you can only fuse one piece of glass with itself (e.g. a wine bottle – see Glass with a Past). Bullseye and System 97 and some Float Glass suppliers guarantee this compatability and that the glass they sell can be safely fused together.

I had found the following suppliers in the UK:

Bullseye Glass – Warm Glass UK and Glass Studio Supplies

System 96 – Creative Glass Guild and System 96

Float Glass – Creative Glass Guild and Pearsons Glass (supplies all types of glass)