My first ever glass fusing creation. With the guidance of Barbara from Clerestory, this was a hanging stick made from float glass. My first adventure into glass cutting and creating. I had an amazingly fun day. I have no clue as to firing schedules! – but future projects will have such things listed on this page.







Contour fusing experimental hanging sticks. See my blog post for details. These used the preset contour fusing programme on the KCR2 controller on my HobbyFuser3 (4 Jan 2018)








A test piece using 4mm window glass, 2 layers with hearts cut out of a coke can and kitchen foil in the middle. Tin sides are on the outside (bottom and top) of the piece (if tin identification successful via water drop method). Details of project can be found in this post.





My next ‘project’ was a kiln load of two layer 3mm bullseye glass items. Fired on KCR2 preset programme 3 for a full fuse. Lots going on in this kiln load. Details are in this post




A kiln load of window glass and foil and a bit of a ‘bubble experiment’. Fired on preset programme 1 for a full float fuse. Details are in this post







Next project was a full fuse of 2 layer 4mm float glass on preset programme 1 on the KCR2 controller. This was a use ofglassline paints and paper. Full details in this post.







A slumped flat wine bottle and some test flattened wine bottle pieces. Details in this post