Taking a break from recycling bottles to do some proper glass cutting and make something. Wanted to make something for the garden and found inspiration in glasshoppa’s sunflower tutorial. Video can be found on Youtube and info sheet is here

I followed this method to create a multicoloured flower. I used glastac rather than aloe vera gel to keep the pieces together and i used black glassline paint to do the pattern on the centre of the flower ( as had no frit).

Very pleased overall. Middle of flower was full fused on the preprogrammed contour fuse on the Kcr controller.

Before firing ( dots done with glassline) . Circle on yellow/ amber over circle of clear tekta.

After firing

I then altered this for second firing with petals for an intended tack fuse to retain petal definition.

Before firing ( papyros is keeping a hole retained for later hanging). Put flower together on papyros paper on kiln shelf before moving into kiln.

After fusing ( fused more than hoped with regards tacking the petals)

I took the top fusing temp down to ? ( my first tack fuse). This was too hot and if repeated I would lower the top temp further to retain more definition.

But pleased with the outcome. Used papyros paper to retain a gap in the piece for use for hanging and this worked well too.

I would maybe move the ‘hole’ nearer a petal edge for hanging if I made this again.

Lots of room for improvement, but good glass cutting practice and a good first attempt!

Thoroughly recommend glasshoppa tutorials. Very simple and clear to follow.

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