My next project / kiln load has been a combination of making a few gifts, experimenting with cutting shapes, layers, foil inclusions and creating pebbles. This really has been a test load of ideas, plus a test of whether I had kiln washed the shelf properly!

For all of these projects I used 3mm bullseye glass.  (As this kiln load contains gifts I’ll add all of the photos and a bit more detail once gifts have been received.). Kiln was fired on KCR2 preset programme 3 for a full fuse.

Number 1 is an engagement gift with a sea theme.

(photo to follow)

Number 2 is a birthday gift with a butterfly theme. (a test of foil inclusions in bullseye glass and doubted my ability to cut a butterfly out of glass!)

Number 3 is a gift with a fish theme (a test of cutting shapes)

Number 4 is a test of  creating a pendant (a test of how smaller bits and layers of glass fuse together)

Number 5 is a test of creating a little fairy type figure. (A test in cutting skills and how to add features / patterns)

Number 6 is a test of cutting skills and is a 2 layer heart.


Number 7 is a test of how little shards of glass fuse (am hoping for tiny pebbles to be created )

Very happy with the outcome. Nothing stuck to the kiln washed shelf so I feel a bit more confident with using kiln wash as opposed to always needing to use kiln paper. I did find that the kiln wash stuck to some specific items (all of the pink opal) but hardly anything else (transparent bullseye), but I felt that this has left the shelf needing to be kiln washed again before reusing. I expected to get several firings out of the one kiln wash, but maybe this is because the kiln has only had one lot of kiln wash and as it builds up it maybe will last longer? I also know that the lower firing temperature the more fires you get from one wash. As this was a full fuse, maybe the wash will last once. Therefore, before the shelf can be reused I am anticipating having to use kiln paper until being able to scrape the shelf and reapply wash (and allow 24 hours to dry again).

All in all happy with the items. Super pleased with my gifts and the way the pebbles turned out. Complete photos to follow once gifts have been received…..


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