So, collection of the kiln is imminent, so the question of where to put it ! I have started to clear out an outhouse. Hubby has helped to replace the ceiling in it and add roof insulation and it is turning from a junk store into some sort of studio. Luckily it already has electrics. I’m not sure it will be ready for when the kiln arrives , but at least we have a plan. The pictures show the early stages of what we are working with. From what I have read, important issues are to be able to plug the kiln straight into the socket with NO extension leads being used and to have a good clearance (30cm at least) around the kiln. It needs to be sited on a flat surface and away from kids. The outhouse has an ideal socket right next to the electrical circuit box but it is sited near the door, so on consideration, that actually seemed the craziest place to site the kiln – right where people would come into the studio!  The HobbyFuser3 manual gives some of the main tips.  I’m trying to start pretty uncluttered , so I have ordered a lino so I can keep the floor clean, and I have an old table lined up for my cutting table. I’ll obviously need some storage as we go along, but my only other ‘wish’ is to get a sink into the studio. I think this will be useful , if only from a health and safety angle and for making cups of tea 🙂

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