This page will collate all the little gems of info I collate or learn along the way. Most links are to useful information I have found on other website’s articles and knowledge bases.


Equipment and Supplies – what I’m acquiring along the way

Health and Safety Disposable Dust Mask Ratings (UK)

How many times can you reuse papyros paper

Bisqueware use as a mold?

Bullseye Shelf Primer (includes temperatures for reuse and drying)

Using Shelf Primer

Bullseye coding system


HobbyFuser3 Specific Info



Firing Schedules

Glasshoppa’s explanation  of firing schedules

Bullseye Basic Firing Schedules (from

KCR2 controller preset firing schedules

Slumpy’s firing schedules

Glasscampus Firing Schedules

Creative Paradise Bottle slumping schedules

Delphi Glass Bottle Slumping Schedules

Gutzwiller Gallery Bottle Slumping Schedules


Collections of educational articles / tutorials

Bullseye free educational articles tutorials

Warm Glass Knowledge Base (UK) Tutorials

Delphi Glass Videos

Dlart projects

CreativeParadise Tutorials & Projects

Glass Fusing Made Easy articles

Wire Jewellery Tips & Tutorials


Fused Glass Fish Tutorial


Online Community Groups Community Board

Fused Glass Fanatics Facebook Group


Window, Float and Recycled Glass

Identifying the tin side without uv

Float Glass Factsheet


Bottle Glass & Recycled Glass

Thermal Shock Bottle Frit

Crushing bottle glass

Recycle bottle glass

Slumping bottles factsheet

Slump bottle to make flat glass 

Slump bottle make flat glass (2)

Tiree Recycled Glass

Bottle slumping article


Embellishments, inclusions, enamels

Embellishment Q&A’s (has firing schedule for firing glassline paper to avoid bubbles)

Glassline Firing Schedule (on top of glass)

Creating Bubbles

Borax v Baking Soda for creating bubbles

Making Glassline paper

Making Glassline paper (with firing schedule)

Glassline paints and toothpicks


Random interesting things found that I don’t want to lose

Freeze and Fuse Info


Tax changes UK 2017



Credit to everyone / everything that has inspired me along the way

Jo Down’s wishsticks – discovered in the Eden Project’s shop on holiday in Cornwall one year. Fell in love with the simplicity and beauty of these and this was probably the start of my glass fusing love.

I had an amazing workshop with Barbara, the artist behind Clerestory. What a fantastic start for my journey into glass fusing. (and her food is also amazing!)

Fused Glass Fanatics – a facebook group, full of inspiration and general way of picking up tips and asking questions. – A useful resource

Brad Walker’s book comes up highly recommended in forums and I found his website packed with info at

Paul Tarlow – glass artist and teacher